Treasure Coast Waterway Clean Up

Community Cleans Up Coast & Waterways

So we created a video to help promote the cause. 

Since the start of Mynx Productions & Bad Benny Drones we've wanted to give back to the community. As a company and personally, we spend so much time working, playing and enjoying the beautiful beaches that we wanted to help highlight a cause that involves saving the oceans. After coming across the Treasure Coast Clean Up on Facebook, we knew we had to be a part of bringing this cause to life.

The stats are all there in the video and very impressive: over 75 tons of trash collected, an impressive 8,500 volunteers and 2,300 boats have gathered together since 2008 to clean up the pollution in the ocean and on the beaches.

This cause doesn't just have people walking the beaches, much is gathered by boat with divers, fisherman and snorkelers, joined together by paddle boarders, and kayakers. With our Drone and GoPro cameras we were able to catch the volunteers in action on land and over the water. What they haul in is as small as a cigarette butts to the size of sunken boat debris.

We hope the video we created helps the Treasure Coast Clean Up crew gain more sponsorships and volunteers for the years to come. Watch, share and volunteer next year!


This video was also featured by Stuart Magazine. 

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T-Top under water Treasure Coast Clean Up

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