Pro Tip: Recognize Good Video Content When You See It


Television and advertisements have created the level of video quality that we are used to. More often than not, people can spot bad videos, without realizing what to look for in a good one.

You’ll likely start to notice a lot of bad video content out there, there’s plenty of it. When you’re hiring a production team, recognizing what makes a good video will help you qualify and invest wisely.

What to look out for:

  • Notice the different shots. Do you find some to be super long and boring or too fast and spastic? Are shots smashed together or otherwise not making sense to the story?
  • Lighting can make or break a scene, being too dark and harsh or bright and blinding; The lighting will either enhance the scene as it should or leave the viewer dissatisfied.
  • Listen. Does the music enhance or distract? Interviews and sound bites butchered or not mixed properly? Nothing screams amateur like poorly mixed audio.
  • Timing. Notice when you tune out during a video?  That moment when you want to keep scrolling/moving on, everything after that is a waste, no one will see it.

Next time you are watching videos online, whether it be marketing, advertising or the most recent viral clip, pay attention to details listed above. Great videos don’t just happen, they are created with the expertise in mind to capture the audience and leave the viewers satisfied from beginning to end.

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