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Investment in Video Marketing Yields Long-term Results

A well orchestrated video emits an emotional response that drives views, shares and compels viewers to take action. It’s designed to make you money, but will it be worth it?

Video Marketing

Defining “Video Marketing” is quite simple - it’s using a video to strategically market a product, service, idea or mission. A successful video is heavily planned, strategically scripted and loaded with the right content to deliver the right message.

While some may be new to the world of video marketing, those that have discovered its power understand that to sell you must demonstrate. Showing your product, service or brand in action is crucial to sales, but it must be done right to get the value and return on your investment.

How We Can Help You

Let us walk you through the process. We start by understanding your brand, answering and asking any question you may have about producing video content and provide a little extra brain matter on creativity. We don’t assume that we know exactly what you want, but we will have suggestions, plenty of options and lots of creative ideas to bring to the table to ensure we maintain the highest quality for a successful marketing video or campaign.

  • Planning: It begins with collaboration on strategy. campaigns, concepts and creativity.
  • Pre-Production: Where we determine logistics, budgeting and coordinate end to end planning.
  • Production: Our turnkey productions give you the freedom to know your videos will be professionally produced and directed to ensure cinematic filmmaking and cutting-edge professional editing.
  • Post Production: From the end of a shoot day to delivery entails Post Production. Our Editing Services are provided by Professional, cutting edge Editors who pride themselves in delivering commercial level products (video).
  • Delivery: Ultra HD to 4K our videos are created at the highest resolution ready for the Web or Broadcast.

Our quoting process coincides with the planning, providing you, the client, an ability to know your costs well before our Director says “ACTION."

Sample Marketing Video Stats:

Our recent aerial video of Melbourne, Florida became a successful tourism marketing video pulling at the hearts of locals and visitors who had seen a bird's eye view of their location in action. The video reached over 145,000 people, received over 63,000 views, and garnered over 6,600 reactions, comments, & shares.  

Planning + Strategy = Content Worth Sharing

By focusing on the right location and activities, combined with careful editing and music, the “drone video” resulted in an emotionally driven story that fuels viral activity across social media with your targeted audience.

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