Head of Growth Catches Shark in Melbourne

Meet Wade.

Behind his aviators and styled hair is Mynx Productions’ Head of Growth. We knew he’d be bring in big things, but we never thought we’d see him reeling in a shark!


Man hooks hammerhead shark on Melbourne Beach


The catch of a lifetime for a Melbourne fisherman during an oceanfront fishing day in south Melbourne Beach.

  • Man hooks hammerhead shark on Melbourne Beach
  • Wade Senti struggled for 30 minutes to bring shark to shore
  • Senti cut fishing line and saved the shark

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Wade’s catch clearly caught a lot of attention from the press, but his persistence in educating the conservation side of the story was is why he is the first to receive the Eppy Award.

What's an Eppy Award? 

Wade_Eppy (3 of 1)

Wade is a problem solver with an analytical mind and diligent, efficient approach to just about everything. Numbers, strategy and lead generation are a few of his favorite things, the fact that he does this relentlessly and with tact are a few of ours.

Cornell, Harvard and University of Florida are a few of his academic stomping grounds. With his BA in Accounting you might not assume his natural entrepreneurial mindset, but that's exactly what makes his background unique. It takes someone with real vision, talent and quite frankly, strength and resiliency to push our emerging company forward.

When he’s not dropping bait at the beach he’s researching, strategizing and geeking out on the latest and greatest data analysis and market research. Wade has proved time and time again that his business and technological prowess coupled with his great personality and ambition makes him a valuable part of the Mynx team.