The Art of Drone: Drone Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are the current buzz in our office, and the option of using a drone video is a relatively new idea. They are a unique way to help your brand stand out and can be a creative, cost effective option.

But what makes a good drone marketing video? How do you show off your brand from a flying camera?

When it comes to making a drone video stand out it’s about more than just the eagle eye view. Drones are an amazing piece of equipment and technology, but rarely do we see their full potential in drone video content.

A marketing video typically tells the story of your brand or at least a piece of it, and just as with a standard marketing video, it takes careful planning ahead of time to create an engaging end result.

The Questions:

Before you can plan you have to know the answers of a two key questions:

  1. What are you showcasing?

Whether you’re showcasing a boat, business or property it’s important to think about what it is about what you are showcasing that is unique. Is it the speed of the boat? The gardens on a golf course? The proximity to the beach? What can a drone do to showcase what you are featuring better?

  1. Where is it located?

Typically plan for multiple locations based around the object of your focus, whether that means leaving the property or not. You will want to bring the proximity of other locations to add familiarity and interest, such as landmarks, beaches and skylines.

The Brainstorm:

An effective marketing video takes careful planning, but it starts with a good ole fashioned brainstorm.

A great example of this is with our recent client PlantVet. PlantVet wanted to do a drone video of a client’s property that was being redesigned. After some dialogue we learned a little about the process and took the idea of just showcasing the end result to creating a before and after video which shows the process. In the video you will notice a beginning, middle and end that demonstrates the before, during and after of the landscape design. That video shows you in one minute what you can expect as a process and result of working with PlantVet.

So get creative. Think outside the box or work with people who you trust to collaborate with to create something a little extra interesting.

The Shot List:

Once you are done brainstorming, your marketing video is on it’s way. Your team will be working on a shot list to capture a variety of locations to bring together the visual story of your company and what message you are trying to convey.

What separates a GREAT drone video from the rest, will be in the shot list. As you’ll notice with the PlantVet video, there is a wide variety of angles from high to low, with many different shots that don’t repeat.

The Finale:

Your marketing video team includes an Editor, and it’s all in the edit. The Editor is well aware of the shot lists, goals and message of the video and it’s his job to tirelessly thread the scenes together in a dynamic, fast and effective way.

Things to consider: Music

The best videos are driven by music, so picking out the right music is critical to the overall success. The music must have a beginning, middle and end just as the story of the visuals. It’s the drive behind the visuals your audience shouldn’t even be aware of, but keeps the video moving forward toward the finale.


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