Aerial & Drone Services

Bad Benny Drones is a brand within Mynx Productions to serve 4K & HD aerial specific video & photography.

Servicing a wide range of industries:

  • Golf
  • Marine
  • Architecture
  • Tourism
  • Land Surveying
  • Before & After


FAA Part 107 Drone Certified
Fully Licensed and Insured - $2m coverage


Within our production arsenal we feature the latest badboy from DJI, the Phantom 4 Pro plus. Although we do have access to any range of drones depending on the scope of the project, on up to heli, the DJI P4P+ is a spectacular, low key piece of equipment with stellar results.


Our typical drone shots are threaded throughout our video content to establish scenes in a cinematic and scroll-stopping way. Our style uses a variety of filmmaking techniques to capture the view and action of the scene in on a commercial level on every project.